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Remote work is on the rise. While having the ability to work from outside of a corporate office has been feasible for a few decades, working remotely is only now becoming mainstream.

You may have even heard the phrase tossed around in casual conversation: “I’m working remotely now!” or “I’ve been able to travel and take my job with me!” You nod your head as you listen to these people extol the flexibility of their lifestyles and the benefits that they’ve seen in their professional lives because they can work remotely. Power up your efficiency with our Remote Workplace Solution.

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Increased Productivity

The myth of remote workers being lazy pseudo-professionals without real jobs is just that: a myth. In fact, telecommuters have shown to be more productive than employees who work from a physical office.

Reduce Costs

Remote-enabled companies can save money on some of the costs associated with onsite business operations, including office space, equipment and travel reimbursement.

Greater Access to Applicants

Removing geographic obstacles separating employers from the best applicants for their vacancies, telework eliminates hiring borders and leads to more diverse workplaces.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Remote work is good for the environment and, in turn, good for business. Nearly half of all occupied US jobs are capable of being performed from home. Among workers in those positions, 79% want to telecommute.

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