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Managed WiFi is a business solution that enables an organization to outsource to a third-party vendor the tasks involved in designing, procuring, installing, maintaining, monitoring and/or upgrading a WiFi network.

Benefits of a managed WiFi solution may include improved performance, lower total cost of ownership, enhanced risk management, superior support for end-users and the ability to free IT teams to focus on other IT priorities.

“WiFi should be available everywhere and all the time.” Businesses in every industry are grappling with this new expectation voiced by employees and customers. To meet this demand, many are turning to managed WiFi solutions provided by third parties. But what is managed WiFi, and what is its real benefit to the organization? Here’s a brief introduction to “What is managed WiFi?” that answers these questions and others.

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Trusting a company like, Wide CC, to deliver a managed WiFi solution will free up your operations team as well as your IT personnel to focus on other pressing business matters. You’ll find that when the WiFi works, employees follow suit.

Technical support

Without the help of a managed WiFi provider, you are left with devices that can’t connect and work that can’t be performed resulting in downtime that’s as damaging to your company’s bottom line as it is to office morale.

High security

There are a myriad of configuration options within the network that can separate user traffic from other functions. You just need the right equipment and the right team.

Device Upgrade

You’re a savvy business owner, expect to expand. As you open and staff new offices, you’ll need new technology like desktops, phones and wireless network infrastructure. It used to be that you had to purchase completely separate systems as you couldn’t control two or more locations through the same interface, but now you can.

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